Group Fitness Classes

Aqua Zumba is here-Come Join the Dance Party in the POOL! 

Great music and dance moves tone your muscles and build endurance without the placing pressure on your joints like being on land.  Class will be Tuesday nights at 6:30pm in the indoor pool.  If you can't make it at night, join the Friday morning 10am Twinges in Your Hinges class.  They enjoy Aqua Zumba every Friday morning!  Anyone of any fitness level can join the fun.  Let's all get our feet a little wet!

You can wear a swimsuit or tight fitting, dark shorts and shirt. 
No shoes are required.

Are you ready to make a change? Get in shape with one on one training from a Nationally Certified Personal Trainer. All sessions are catered to your individual needs to help you make that change and achieve your goals! Get motivated, get support and succeed today!
FEES: One Session $40; Five or more Sessions $35 per session; Ten or more Sessions $30 (each session lasts 1 hour)

Professional Guidance for achieving REAL RESULTS!

**We are specifically looking for energetic people to teach high quality group fitness classes in the fitness room and in the pool.
If you are interested, please contact:Laura Taylor
(This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)