cartoon peas and carrotsMembers - Share the Y!

Just like peas and carrots, and our other favorite pairings, workouts go better TOGETHER with someone you know! Refer family or friends to join the Y and you both get rewards! Your friends and family get free trial use of the facility and 1/2 off the joining fee and you can get free months of membership!  Plus, it's more fun and you keep each other motivated!  And don't stop with just one referral - the more people refer, the more you can same - up to 3 months free! 

It's Better Together Campaign Terms

Friends/family can try out facility and fitness classes for free during October 11 - 22, 2017.

1/2 off joining fee when friends or family join and a free t-shirt

New member and referring member must stay active for 6 months for the referring member to receive free months.

If referred family and friend(s) join, Y member receives:

  • 1 new member - t-shirt
  • 2 new members - 1 free month's membership
  • 3 new members - 3 free month's membership

Silver Sneakers may recruit new members and earn free gifts as well.

  • 1 new member - t-shirt
  • 2 or more new memberships - $5 gift card for each new membership

(Any new Youth, Teen or Silver Sneakers membership DO NOT count for prizes)