Our Focus

A mainstay in Florence Family YMCA programming focus has always been developing the minds and bodies of our youth.  Through top notch teaching, innovative and fun health initiatives and just by being a place to grow where a caring staff and volunteers help.

Our Youth Development initiatives include:
» Child Care – Safe, nurturing environment for children to learn, grow and develop social skills
» Education & Leadership – Knowledge, character development, guidance and encouragement to help youth develop and realize their potential
» Swim, Sports & Play – Positive, fun activities that build athletic, social and interpersonal skills
» Summer Camps – Exciting, safe community for young people to explore the outdoors, build self-esteem, develop interpersonal skills and make lasting friendships and memories

Healthy Living

The Y has always been associated with fitness and aquatics, but we’re more than that. Our Healthy Living focus encompasses the idea that a healthy body, mind, and spirit are necessary to be truly healthy. Growing through social activities, learning new interests, and improving your physical activity is all part of Healthy Living at the Y.

Improving the nation’s health and well-being
» Family Time – Bringing families together to have fun and grow together
» Health, Well-Being & Fitness – Resources and guidance to maintain or improve physical activity, health and wellness
» Sports & Recreation – Healthy lifestyle activities that bring together people with shared athletic and recreational interests
» Group Interest – Social networks and activities that bring together people that share common passions and personal interests

Our members, staff, and volunteers share a common drive of helping in the community.  This Social Responsibility focus allows us to make a real difference in Florence. Helping through teaching, donating, and being a part of the fabric of the community.

Giving back and providing support to our neighbors
» Social Services – Training, resources and support to empower our neighbors to make change, bridge gaps and overcome obstacles
» Global Services – Support systems that welcome, celebrate, educate and connect diverse demographic populations in the U.S. and around the world
» Volunteerism & Giving – Voluntary contributions that fund, lead and support the Y’s critical work
» Advocacy – Collaborations with policy makers, community leaders and private and public organizations to develop youth, prevent chronic disease, and build healthier communities and encourage social responsibility