2 lifeguards, 1 pointing

Participants must be at least 16 years old and have excellent swimming skills. The class includes all books and YMCA of the USA National Certification for YMCA Lifeguard as well as American Heart and Safety Institute Basic Lifesaving including CPR, AED, Oxygen Administration and First Aid, required for certification.

Students must be present all dates and times listed to be certified.  Students must pass all water and practical skills without error and pass all written tests with an 80% or better to be certified.  The first night will include a required swim test.  Those unable to meet the swim requirement will not stay in the class.  Eight hours of on-line pre-work is required, so register at least one week in advance!
$195/YMCA Members    $230/Participants
(one half of the fee [non-refundable and non-transferable] required at registration, balance to be paid the first day of class)

Prerequisite Swim Requirement Test   
Phase 1:  100 yard front crawl with a 2 minute tread water with legs only. 
Phase 2:  250 yard swim - 50 yards each of front crawl with head up, breaststroke, sidestroke, breaststroke with head up and elementary backstroke.
Phase 3:  25 yard sprint sequence with surface dive and quick exit from pool

Class Details

  1.         Swim Test         Friday, May 21  5 - 7 PM
            Class & Pool       Saturday, May 22   9 AM - 6 PM (1 hour break)
                                   Sunday, May 23   1:30 - 6 PM
                                   Friday, May 28   4 - 7 PM
                                   Saturday, May 29   9 AM - 6 PM (1 hour break)
                                   Sunday, May 30  1:30 - 6 PM