Fitness Center

This program is for youth between the ages of 11-15.  All youth of this age group must enroll in the program in order to use the wellness center.  Orientation with wellness center staff and written permission from a parent are required.  Youth ages 12-13 must be accompanied by a parent while working out and they are allowed in the cardiovascular area only.  For youth ages 14-15, they are allowed in the cardiovascular and Cybex Circuit areas only. No parent supervision is required.  They are not allowed to do free weights.  Times and days may be limited at the discretion of the fitness director during peak hours.

The Coached Approach to Wellness is a one-on-one program designed to guide you on your way to becoming healthier!  Open to Y members. 

Work one on one with a certified Personal Trainer to help maximize your workout and reach your goals.  All personal training sessions are 1 hour long.

Cost:  1 session for $40          

         5 sessions for $175

         10 sessions for $300