Includes 1 host and 1 lifeguard for up to 25 swimmers, as well as a room set-up for your group. You bring the food, drinks and decorations!
If there are more than 25 swimmers, an additional lifeguard is required at a cost of $20 per hour, per 25 swimmers. 
*Any child that cannot swim must wear a coast guard approved floatation device.

Times available:  Saturdays & Sundays beginning at 6 PM
Member Fee:     $150 for 2 hours
                       Deposit: $75
Participant Fee:  $200 for 2 hours
                       Deposit: $100

*Additional Swim Time: $40 per hour
*Additional $30 to set-up for groups over 30 people

**Add “FONZ” the inflatable dinosaur to your Indoor Pool Party!  
Over 9 1/2 ft of inflatable fun for the kiddos to play on.
Only $40 which includes an additional lifeguard***